Continuing Education, Mentorship & Networking for Dietitians & Students

Our Mission

The Austin Registered Dietitians Alliance is an organization whose purpose is to provide education, mentorship, and networking opportunities to a diverse, professional group of registered dietitian nutritionists and dietetic students.

Who We Are

Members of the Austin Registered Dietitians Alliance are passionate about food and nutrition and promote the use of scientific and evidence-based knowledge. Meetings allow members to learn and network in a fun, supportive environment that is designed to advance the interest of its members.

2021-2022 Membership Starts July 1, 2021!

A new membership year is coming soon! Stay tuned.

Want to get involved with ATXRD?

We are looking to fill the following positions for the 2021 – 2022 membership year (click each title for more details):

Social Chair
University Liaisons
Wellness Symposium Co-Chairs
Newsletter Editor
Nominating Chair

Please submit your interest to

Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Update

New Training Requirement for Health Care Practitioners Effective September 1

Pursuant to House Bill 2059, dietitians are required to complete an approved human trafficking prevention training course in order to renew their license beginning September 1, 2020. The training course must be approved by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and is required for each license renewal submitted on or after the effective date.

Currently, HHSC has one approved course, free of charge, available on their website. Additional courses will be added as they are approved. You can find more information on the training course on HHSC’s Health Care Practitioner Human Trafficking Training webpage.

When joining the Austin Registered Dietitians Alliance as a student or RDN professional
member, you will enjoy these benefits:

FREE to All ATXRD Members

  • 8 CEUs throughout the year July 1- June 30 (Each quarterly members meeting offers 2 CEUs)
  • 4 Social events that allow networking at various businesses in Austin, TX
  • Discounted rate to the annual Wellness Symposium
  • Access to the members only web page to view job listings and our Member Directory
  • Quarterly Newsletter

FREE to ATXRD Student Members

  • Speed Mentoring Event at UT and TX State (Dietitians meeting and mentor students)
  • Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) Scholarship (Only ATXRD student members can apply to this competitive scholarship)
Priority 1: Enact a sound financial sustainability plan which allow the organization to raise and manage funds to meet its goals and to continue working towards the future.

  • Goal 1: By August of each year, add financial information to members only section of website.
  • Goal 2: By the first member meeting, set limit on per person spent on food.
  • Goal 3: By the first member meeting, create a response system for food purchasing/providing.

Priority 2: Intentionally provide opportunities for members to gain access to information and social capital through creating, cultivating and utilizing quality interpersonal relationships.

  • Goal 1: By August of each year, provide clear member benefits on website and at registration.
  • Goal 2: By the first member meeting, create and provide access to members directory for all current members.
  • Goal 3: By the end of the membership year, facilitate and review member survey and feedback information.

Priority 3: Promote a standard of professionalism through a continuing education program by providing instruction to maintain knowledge, skills, and standards of practice to assist members in performing their duties and personal growth.

  • Goal 1: Each year, provide at least 8 CEs at member meetings.
  • Goal 2: At each member meeting, provide quality information/speakers that engage the member base (get feedback from survey).

Priority 4: Pursue new members who share the mission, purpose and goals of the organization while creating a sustainability plan to retain members by offering them opportunities for growth, achievement, recognition, participation and enjoyment.

  • Goal 1: By June 30 each year, provide annual report on progress of goals/strategy.
  • Goal 2: By August 2017, update website look and enhance social media presence, and create new logo.
  • Goal 3: By August each year, create email list-serve for current non-members and previous year members.
  • Goal 4: Every quarter, send email to members about organization’s members only section on website and password/perks for members.

Priority 5: Build a sense of community by actively pursuing initiatives related to membership, influence, fulfillment of needs, and creating a shared emotional connection.

  • Goal 1: By August each year, connect members to member directory.
  • Goal 2: Each quarter, host social events/happy hours.
  • Goal 3: Each year, cultivate leadership by recruiting 15 current members and non-members to board positions.


Job opportunities are listed on our member page at no charge. Please send details to the Austin Registered Dietitians Alliance using this form.

Have an outside event or continuing education opportunity you want us to post? We will gladly share it on our website! Please fill out this form.

*All events will be vetted through the ATXRD board.